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Zero Waste Gift Guide 2021

(Cover image is of Cameron Marks boutique in Santa Cruz. A great local spot to buy Baggu and Kinto.)

Happy holidays my friends! Tis the season to shop small! If you haven’t seen my Shop Black-Owned Gift Guide, make sure you check that out as well.

Every year I publish a Shop Small Gift Guide, but I’ve also made this one a Zero Waste Gift Guide because reusable and zero-waste products are my favorite kind of gift to give (and receive!). I own almost everything on this list and can personally vouch for the quality of the goodies.


I first discovered Kinto when I was in Tokyo last year (RIP traveling). They have a ton of different options for to-go cups and tumblers. This is the one I have — I call it “my greenie” and take it everywhere with me. The “day off tumbler” is perfect for hot or cold drinks. I prefer the version that has the loop top instead of the flat top (easier to slip through a finger and carry). But you can’t go wrong with any of their products. Everything is super chic and very well made.


If you’re looking for a to-go cup that’s collapsible, Stojo might be more your speed. Their cups come in a very ~aesthetic~ color palette, and in 8, 12, 16, or 24 ounce options. Stojo is fine for hot or cold drinks (it’s made from food-grade silicone) but it’s not insulated, so drink fast! I have the 16oz cup in coral.


For another collapsable silicone drinking vessel — cue Que. I have the Que Bottle in cloudy gray. This bottle is great for hikes, walks, or days you know you’ll be running around on the go. Keep in mind it’s a little bit flexible, especially when it’s only partly full. They also just released an insulated bottle which looks super cute!

Stasher Bags

One of my all time favorite low waste buys are these reusable (dishwasher safe!) silicone “zip lock” bags from Stasher. I use them for practically everything. From apple slices, to nuts, to croutons. Anything that you’d normally put in a ziplock baggie, you can use a Stasher! Plus they’re also freezer friendly. The starter kit is the perfect gift for anyone looking to cut down on their single use plastic.

Sip Straws from Hay Design

The sip straw is a series of reusable straws made in borosilicate glass (a very strong type of glass), for use with hot or cold drinks. Available in two sizes, the straws come in packs of six in assorted colors. We have the straight and the bent version, love them both! Shop here.


Does Baggu even need an introduction? They’re the best of the best in reusable bags. With so many different colors and styles, there is literally something for everyone. I buy a 3-pack of the classic Baggu every year for at least 1 person in my family! My favorites of the season are the wavy stripe, and the smiley face. They also make my favorite reusable masks (in a pack of 3), I highly recommend them!

Youth to the People

This one is kind of a curve ball, but stay with me. YTTP is effective clean skincare, made with the planet in mind. Made from vegan, local ingredients, housed in glass bottles, and packaged in post-consumer paper/cardboard. Their formulas are not just great for your skin, they’re good for the environment as well. My picks: the Superfood Cleanser (it smells like salad 😉) and the Dream Mask.

Bar Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner by Humankind

I’ve written about the genius of shampoo bars before — and I stand by their efficacy and ease. Switching to bar soap and bar shampoo/conditioner is such an obvious (but often overlooked) way to cut down on single use plastic. Another thing I love about bar soap is every few weeks we have a new scent in the shower. And I love collecting handmade soaps on our travels. They make such a unique and thoughtful gift! Shop here.

Casetify Compostable Customizable Phone Case

The new CASETiFY CONSCiOUS collection offers both compostable phone cases and biodegradable phone cases, designed to protect your tech accessories, and the planet. You can also add free customization — words, fonts and layout.

Pela is another option for biodegradable tech accessories!

Guppyfriend Washing Bag

The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is a mesh bag that you toss your synthentic fiber clothing in, before you run a wash load. It reduces fiber shedding by protecting your clothes, and catches the few fibers that do break off in the wash. It helps prevent microplastics from entering the waste water, sewers, and eventually, oceans. I recommend using it to wash your exercise clothing, fleece jackets, and other microplastic culprits. Shop here.

What are your favorite low waste/zero waste products? Drop a comment below!

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  • Maddi
    December 19, 2020 at 4:10 pm

    all of these are so great! Just added so much to my shopping list.


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