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Where to Shop in East Los Angeles: Highland Park & Los Feliz

We scooted down to East LA a few weeks ago for a wedding, and you know I had a list of shops to scout while we were there. While we visited a ton more than this (close to 25!), the 10 shops below are the ones I consider a must-visit. If you have any other recommendations for my next trip down to Los Angeles, drop ’em in the comments below, or on my IG.

Highland Park

Sunbeam Vintage (106 S Avenue 58, Los Angeles)
I have been following these furniture folks in IG since we moved to California, and finally had a chance to check out the Highland Park location (they also have a spot in Downtown LA as well). Their warehouse is all vintage (mostly mid century modern, some deco, hollywood regency, and boho), while their showroom around the corner also carries modern reproductions of vintage classics.


The Juicy Leaf (5725 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles)
If we weren’t flying home we would have picked up a few plant babies and vessels from The Juicy Leaf. Possibly the most beautiful plant store I’ve ever been in — airy, light-filled, and loaded with beautiful plants, succulents, pots, and organic decor. Don’t miss the yard/parking lot out back which has both small and large plants for sale.


The Bearded Beagle (5926 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles)
Of all the vintage shops we found, The Bearded Beagle was my favorite. I thought the selection and price point was spot on, and the collection was both accessible and refined. Plus, this is where I found the insane jumpsuit that y’all loved.


Prelude & Dawn (5727 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles)
Half indie-designer, half vintage, Prelude & Dawn was a little slice of heaven. Come for feminine vintage and effortless draping silhouettes. Find handmade ceramics, straw bags, dainty jewelry, and household curiosities.


Big Bud Press (5028 York Blvd, Los Angeles)
BBP hardly needs an introduction, but I’ll attempt one. This size inclusive, gender-non-binary brand is a true pioneer. They are sustainable at an attainable price point (so rare!). I recommend the painter pant silhouette which, like most of their pieces, comes in all colors of the rainbow.


Shorthand (5030 York Blvd, Los Angeles)
The antithesis of sterile office supply stores, Shorthand is a writer’s—doodler’s—snail-mail aficionado’s wet dream. Their motto is “For the Love of Your Desk,” and I know I’d spend a lot more time working if my workspace was tricked out with goodies from Shorthand.


Social Study (5028 York Blvd, Los Angeles)
Nestled next to Shorthand is Social Study, a “lifestyle store” that carries everything from sustainably made clothing (women’s and men’s), to barware, to candles and fragrances. You’ll find a variety of emerging and local brands here as well.


Los Feliz

Squaresville(1800 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles)
I only snapped one pic while we were here because I was so busy treasure hunting! Another great vintage shop with a stellar collection and affordable price point. I would’ve stayed and shopped way longer if the music hadn’t been SO. FUCKING. LOUD. I think I’m officially an old person after writing that sentence.


Bell Jar(1764 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles)
Bell Jar is undeniable feminine and superbly refined. Come for clothing, ceramics, wall art, and home decor. Find local and indie brands downstairs, and an ethereal vintage collection upstairs.


New High Mart (1720 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles)
While you won’t find much of a digital footprint on New High Mart — they don’t allow pictures or cell phone use inside their shop, I promise it’s worth a visit. While their bread and butter is Japanese imported clothing, kitchen wares, teas and the like, they also carry local/American-made sustainable brands like Jungmaven.

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