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Vintage Shopping Guide to Austin, Texas

It’s weird (to say the least) to publish a travel blog post in the midst of a global pandemic… but this baby has been sitting in my drafts all year. And I figured these epic shops could use the digital love, even if we can’t visit them IRL for awhile.

You may remember that we took a quick trip to Austin last year before the holidays. It was my first time visiting ATX and I fell completely in love with the city. The vintage scene in Austin is impressive, to say the least. Most of the shops I visited were very well curated and expertly merchandised. While I visited closer to 20 shops, I’ve narrowed down my favorite 12 below. If you plan your route right, you should be able to hit every one of these in a single day.

Pieceology Vintage (inside ARO shop)

Beautifully merchandised. Come for ethereal blouses and more. Women’s only. Shop their Instagram here.

Flashback Vintage

Don’t sleep on this funky-lookin shop. Inside it’s stuffed with vintage (old and newer), plus a few racks of second hand in the back. They also have a decent men’s section for your boo. Shop their Instagram here.

Prototype Vintage

Prototype Vintage and it’s next-door neighbor Feathers Boutique, are must-visits. Right off the popular South Congress strip, these two babies are gold. Shop their Instagram here.

Feather’s Boutique

Merchandised by color, which is always fun. And a nice little section of denim. Shop their Instagram here.

Passport Vintage

Touted as the “best vintage denim in Austin,” I have to say I was slightly disappointed. While they did have 3 full racks of denim, nicely sorted by size (very limited size run available when I was there, unfortunately), the only Levis I found were 501’s, which I just feel like never really fit anyone well. However, I will caveat that the shop was under renovation while I was there, so I feel like I should give them a break. Shop their Instagram here.

Open Invite

Dreamy home decor, furniture and curiosities. A very Abigail Bell vibe. They carry a few contemporary lifestyle brands like my homies Baggu. Shop their Instagram here.


Garment Modern

Definitely on the higher end — come for that one-of-a-kind statement piece or vintage designer score. Super friendly staff who made my shopping experience really lovely. Shop their Instagram here.


Honorable Mention:
Nannie Inez

Not vintage, but don’t skip! Insanely well curated home decor, art, furniture, and kitchen accessories. Possibly my favorite shop in Austin. Just a few storefronts down from Garment Modern above. Shop their Instagram here.


North Loop Area: this walkable shopping strip is about 15-20 minutes North of central Austin. But absolutely worth the $20 Lyft expense.

Revival Vintage

A great selection of furniture and home decor in the front, and a decent vintage clothing section in the back. I found the merchandising of the clothing a bit lacking, but it didn’t deter me completely. Shop their Instagram here.

Blue Velvet

I’m not entirely sure why, but I think that Blue Velvet was my favorite of all the vintage shops in Austin. I felt like it was merchandised well, and the prices were also totally reasonable. Shop their Instagram here.

Big Bertha’s Paradise

Big Bertha’s Paradise is one of those old school vintage shops that doesn’t allow photos. That said, I think it’s worth a trip inside. It’s tiny, and stuffed to the gills, but you may find a designer score in here. Shop their Instagram here.

Room Service Vintage

Part home decor, part clothing, mostly chaos. But there are definitely some scores inside. Shop their Instagram here.

Have you been to Austin? Were there any shops I missed that you recommend I add to my route on my next trip? Please share them in the comments below.


  • Adam K Germain
    August 14, 2020 at 7:50 am

    You should check out Side Kitsch Vintage on North Lamar.

  • Zaidy
    August 17, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    Definitely visit Stardust Vintage on South Lamar! It’s adorable. Mostly women’s clothing & accessories but also has a small men’s section. Very nicely curated & displayed. 🙃

  • Maria Rios
    August 21, 2020 at 6:32 pm

    I would suggest to visit NEXT to NEW on Burnet Road in Austin, Tx. It is the best!

  • Maile
    October 12, 2020 at 3:47 pm

    Flamingos Vintage by the Pound is definitely worth the visit if you’re up for a treasure hunt & cheap finds! Literally a walk away from there is a newly opened shop called Full Circle Vintage (which I think is the best denim in Austin). The owner, Joey, is the coolest cat in town, & has a wonderfully curated lil gem of a store.


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