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The Secret Best Things to Buy at Ikea

In my 20s, I furnished every apartment I lived in with furniture from Ikea. Not by choice, but because I was ballin’ on a budget. Now that I am no longer an apartment-hopping-20-something, you’d think I would have graduated from Ikea Academy. But such is not the case! I actually think Ikea has a lot of really awesome budget-friendly pieces (that aren’t total crap). You just have to know where to look. Below I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Ikea pieces, as well as some tips on how to shop at Ikea efficiently. My husband and I have (more than once) gotten in and out of Ikea in under 20 minutes, on a Saturday.

How to Shop at Ikea Efficiently:

  1. Make a list ahead of time based on the website. And always check the stock of your local store so you can make sure the items you want are available. Each store’s stock is updated every 30 mins, so even if you check the night before you go, make sure to check again in the morning. You can also arrange for in-store pick up (order online, pick up IRL), which is surprisingly easy.
  2. Start at the exit (or the warehouse), rather than going through the showroom. You’ll save time and avoid impulse purchases.
  3. Double, triple, quadruple check your measurements. You can do this ahead of time by referencing the product dimensions on their website. You’ll want to measure your room/space and then cross check those measurements with the product dimensions.
  4. Don’t skip the garden section. Most Ikeas have real LIVE plants on the cheapie cheap. I’m also a fan of their fake plants (mix fake and real plants in the same room to add more oomph to your greenery).


My favorite Ikea Products:

Fado Light: Mid century modern lamp. We currently have this on the console below our TV.


Sockerbit: Baby pink storage bin. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We use these for storage in the office.


Knalla: This super fun packable duffle. This cutie packs down into it’s own little zippered pouch. Perfect for trips where you know you’re going to do some retail damage.


Nordli: Clean and simple dresser (with many configurations). We are using these as the storage area for the office.


Fladis: Flexible storage basket for cords, toys, or put a potted plant inside.


Skadis: Configurable peg board (the white is super clean and fresh). Also in our office.


Tjena: Cardboard storage boxes in 3 sizes and a few colorful patterns.


Delaktig: A verrrry chic armchair. I’d go for the bubblegum pink color, reminds me of Birite.


Stockholm: The round mirror we have in our bedroom. Looks way more expensive than it is. The bottom shelf is perfect for a mini display area.


Ikornnes: A slick Scandinavian floor mirror. This is currently in my shopping cart.


Svallerup: On-trend checkerboard indoor/outdoor rug (it’s also reversible!).


Vinderup: Geometric statement rug. This would also look very cute layered over another rug…


Sinnerlig: Stunning boho woven bamboo pendant lamp. We have this in our kitchen, but would also make a great outdoor patio light.


Gradvis: Dusty pink vase. I love the soft muted tones of this vase line. We have the textured pink one in our guest bathroom.

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  • Camille
    January 28, 2020 at 4:48 pm

    Love those vases and agreed on the cheap plants!


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