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How I Really Feel About Working Out

Growing up, exercise was a huge part of my life. I played competitive soccer all through high school, and “casually” ran track and played volleyball in the off season (all of my 5’2″ as the Libero, obvs). In college, the gym was a consistent part of my routine. However, somewhere in my mid 20s, between the hustle of New York City, and the intensity of art school, regular exercise fell of my list of priorities. It wasn’t until my wedding a few years ago that I worked working out back into my routine (yes, I succumbed to the #weddingindustrialcomplex, big time).

In the past, I’ve always exercised to work towards a specific goal. In high school, I ran routinely to shave time off my soccer sprints. Before my wedding, I lifted weights so my arms looked ripped in all the photos (Michelle Obama goals), and so I that I had the stamina to dance into the wee hours with my wedding guests. But these days, for the first time in my life, I’m working out just for me — not for a race or a big game, not for a fitness goal, or a to beat a personal record. I’m working out because it truly makes me feel better, in every way.

Regular exercise helps me sleep better, gives me more energy throughout the day, and makes me feel proud and accomplished. I’m not working out to look better, or perform better. I’m working out to feel my best. Which is an extremely important difference.

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